Summer Time Flies

If Summer hasn’t officially begun, it definitely feels like it! It’s time to get out, stay cool, and enjoy all of our free time. I’m sure that taking pictures isn’t in everyone’s itinerary; but did you know that summer time is not only a great time for some updated pictures?

I’m sure you must be thinking, “Kelly, it’s so dang hot out!”; and you’re right! It absolutely is! Which is one reason why I opt to schedule as many sessions as possible around sunset! What do you get at sunset? You definitely DON’T get a sun that’s beating down on you! You also get unbeatable warm tones and unbelievably beautiful lighting that will compliment any picture.

I’m going to be hosting some sunset mini sessions soon that will have two themes. One being a mini couture shoot for girls and the other being fireflies! This will be a fantastic activity for the kiddos that will produce beautiful art for you!