About Kelly Eileen Portraiture, LLC

Kelly Eileen Portraiture, LLC was established in 2019 in Jefferson county Texas. Servicing Port Arthur, Beaumont, Port Neches, Nederland, Vidor, and surrounding areas; I offer couture and fine art photography with specialization in portraits. I strive to provide the best for my clients from wardrobe and products to customer service. I believe that the images I capture and create for you should be admired in your home. These aren’t just snapshots, they’re your life’s artwork.

Prior to establishing Kelly Eileen Portraiture, LLC, I worked under the previous name of Wayfarer Photography in Washington, Indiana; and sought the change after relocating back to Texas late 2018. I have always been a creative mind, and initially started my photography career with automotive and branched into children and families. I absolutely love capturing my client’s moments.

I offer couture and fine art portrait photography to those looking to create something beautiful and timeless that will enhance their homes and work spaces. Why couture and fine art? It gives my clients a priceless elegance, and it allows me to create the images that I have for my clients. The gowns I provide in my client wardrobe are hand made by skilled designers to give you and your family an elegant and tailored look. While clothing styles change, these designer gowns provide a timeless look to create a piece of art for your home. We all want to look our best, and with my resources I am here to help you.

About the photographer

Hey! That’s me!

I’m Kelly, the owner and sole photographer behind Kelly Eileen Portraiture, LLC. I’m a mother to a toddler, a wife, and a wearer of many hats. I grew up with a dream to own my own business, primarily because I’m stubborn and there was the fact that my father owned his own business as well; and I’ve always been a daddy’s girl. I’ve always been exposed to and participated in artistic expression. When I was younger I took art classes, but photography intimidated me. It wasn’t until 2016 that I finally picked up my first DSLR. It wasn’t until I moved to Washington, Indiana that I began seeing that I might be pretty darn good at this photography thing. I had my first magazine feature in late 2018 and made many clients, and friends, along my introductory journey. My goal is to create something beautiful, something you’ll love.